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Is anything happened to “The Curse of Oak Island” Season 7? When will the episode 14th air on?

The Curse of Oak Island

The Curse of Oak Island is one of the most engaging content show over channel History. Currently, season 7th is going on.

The new episode is going to happen, which is on the Lagina Brothers, who are looking for the luxurious treasures on Oak Island every Tuesday in order to grab it.

On February 18, the new episode is going to be released, from which the fans are disappointed. The reason behind disappointment is not treating avid in the new episode.

Everyone is excited about what is going to happen in the new episode, and when it will air. Read on, and find the few changes made for the scheduling of the episode.

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When the episode 14th of “The Curse of Oak Island” Season 7th air?

It is defined that, on February 18th, the episode number 14th be aired. The fans of Oak Islands are confused and even surprised as well. Those people who waited for Oak Island after Washington, which ends at 10 PM. They found that there is a rerun of “The Curse of Oak Island”  again with its old episode. 

On the History channel, not an official statement revealed yet for the regular updates on the new episodes of “The Curse of Oak Island.” At the very same time, it seems like the network is going to broadcast Washington for three nights miniseries. It is started on Sunday, February 16th, at 8:00 PM. It happened due to the celebration of bday of the first president of the US on February 22nd.

What about the next 14th eipsode of “The Curse of Oka Island”?

It is revealed that the next episode of “The Curse of Oak Island” is going to reveal on the next Tuesday, which is on February 25th at 9:00 PM. The episode number 14th of “The Curse of Oak Island” is titled as 99. In this episode, the Lagina Brothers are found to continue digging near the swamp to find the legendary treasure. 

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How the team experienced with digging over Oak Island?

This dig was very exciting. In this dig, the brothers are going to found the evidence of the swamp, which is a manmade one. It is found that the swamp has a few secrets. It is found that the episode 14th of Oak Island is a little bit unsuccessful, but that does not mean to stop here.


They are continuing to digging to explore and find more secrets and treasures. Hurricane Dorian intimate the brothers that their dig is nothing but just a waste of time. Their efforts are going to bring nothing for them. But, they refuse on his statement and continue with the renew digging to reach the desired result.  

Is there treasure over Oak Island?

They tried to find treasure over Oak Island. But actually, there is no treasure on the island. Even, there was never any sort of treasure on the island. The money and efforts spent on Oak Island from the past 200 Years are just wasted. Nothing found after making so many efforts and spending so much money.

After digging so much for the treasure on Oak Island, only carbon-dated things are found over there. There are many items, which are surfaced over there.

Things found were old over Oak Island?

No doubt, those items are very old. They were surfaced a hundred years ago. They have value and can be considered as a treasure in their own terms and rights. But, still, there is nothing the main treasure found over there.

What found at Oak Island?

On Oak Island, all they found is the human bones, pottery, bookbinding, military cuffs, and nothing much, which are from the back around 1780 to 1820. These are not treasured. These are just clues, which are being used for finding the real treasure.


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