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The Old guard Ending, Sequel Possibilities Explained

The Old guard Explained

Netflix’s original movie “The Old Guard.” has finally launched on Netflix. The Old Guard is the adaption of the 2017 Image Comics release The Old Guard, written by Greg Rucka, drawn by Leandro Fernandez, and colored by Daniela Miwa.

Gina Prince-Bythewood directs the movie. It is an action-packed movie that follows a story of a group of people who has a gift of being immortals. The film creates a conviction around its characters and taking us to some stimulating action sequences.

The Old Guard stars Charlize Theron, Matthias Schoenaerts, Marwan Kenzari, and Luca Marinelli as the immortals’ eponymous team.

The Old guard Explained

The Old Guard team includes: Andy (Theron), is around 6,000 years old and has spent lifetimes racking up more experience, knowledge, and grief than she cares to discuss; Joe (Kenzari) and Nicky (Marinelli) are partners killing each other repeatedly before falling in love; and Booker (Schoenaerts), a Frenchman who served in Napoleon’s army and still wrestles with the weight of outliving his loved ones.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, head over to Netflix and watch it now, SPOILERS AHEAD!


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Plot summary

Andy is an immortal, and she is so old, and she doesn’t even remember how old she is. Three other members of the team are like her- Booker, Joe, and Nicky. This squad of four is about to be joined by a fifth member, Nile (KiKi Layne), a Marine assigned in Afghanistan whose slit throat suddenly gets heals. The four of them make a team of elite legionnaires who take the most challenging and mysterious jobs and get paid in kind. They are needed to save a group of children captured by the terrorists who have killed children before.

Despite her impediments, she decides to lead the team.

After that, Andy’s worst fear that their secret will come out sooner or later comes true. Now, someone knows about their secret, and they are being hunted.

 In the film, through flashbacks, Andy struggles in the Middle Ages beside Quynh (Van Veronica Ngo) until they are captured and hanged as witches. When they were not able to kill them, they separated them, and Quynh is locked inside an iron coffin and tossed overboard from a ship into the sea. She is doomed to drown and reawaken for the rest of the time.


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The Ending

The Old guard Ending

After Joe and Nicky are caught by Copley and served to Merrick, it falls on Andy, Booker, and Nile to save them. Booker finally tracks down Copley, and just before they are about to enter the axioms, Nile gets unresponsive. The Nile takes the team’s car and leaves Andy and Booker at Copley’s house. In a twist, Nile stops the vehicle en route to the train station and decides to double-back. She discovers the gun Andy gave her for protection was the same gun Booker gave Andy, and that gun had no bullets. She realized that Booker was setting Andy up to be captured and examined at the Merrick laboratory alongside Nicky and Joe, Nile heads to Copley’s house.

The danger turns out to be real and closer when it is revealed that Booker gave up all of his friends.

He tells Andy that he did it so that Merrick could find a way to end their immortality. But, later, he came to know that Andy has also lost her immortality. After knowing this, they both left captive, and meanwhile, Merrick prepares to experiment on them.

The Nile comes back to save them accompanied by Copley, who has figured out that Merrick’s motives ae financially driven rather than saving the world. Soon after this, a gunfight starts where Andy gets weak with each attack. However, the immortals got succeeded in killing all the men of Merrick.

He started fleeting the building as soon as he realized that all the men are killed, but he got chased by Joe, Nicky, and Booker. But he was hiding inside and dared Andy and Nile. He threatens to kill Andy, but she played the trick of being dead, the same trap that she had used with the Nile on the plane with the Russian. Merrick gets killed.


The five escape the scene as the public, and the cops start to gather around the building.

The Nile decides to stay with the team, and Copley gives her the cover of KIA in Afghanistan.

The team banishes booker for a hundred years, a time that he would have to spend it alone, for his betrayal. The rest of the partners goes back to Copley and employs him to erase their footprints.

Six months later, Booker was found out alone in France. An intruder breaks his apartment turns out to be Quynh, the fifth immortal who had been put inside a box and thrown into the sea during the witch trials.

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The Old Guard Sequel Possibilities


By its end, ‘The Old Guard’ leaves a lot of mystery for its sequels. By the end, Andy has completely lost the one thing that she had wanted to get rid of all along, that’s her immortality, but now, she has a purpose, she is going to fight for it is immortal or not.

There comes an entry of Quynh, which leaves a lot of mystery. When she was thrown into the sea, Andy had promised her that she would find her one day. However, after spending a long time in finding her, she was forced to move on. After that, she never checked back on what happened to her. Andy angers Quynh as she has broken the promise, who would now want her revenge on Andy.

Now, Quynh has broked into Booker’s house, which means they both will plan something which will be interesting to see. The ending shows us that dark days are progressing for the Old Guard.

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