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Top 10 E-commerce Companies Ranking in the USA

Top 10 E-commerce Companies Ranking in the USA

Technology has really changed the world into a digital platform era. Through this digital era, the top 10 e-commerce companies in the USA have experienced flourishing successful results. More e-commerce websites in the USA have been increased for easy accessibility by potential customers. Furthermore, potential customers have opted to purchase their goods and services through e-commerce markets rather than retail market locations. 

The top 10 e-commerce companies in the USA have continued to flourish due to more advanced innovations and favorable government policies promoting their operations.

10 Ranking e-commerce Companies in the USA

1. Amazon

Amazon online is on the top among the top 10 e-commerce companies in the USA. The company has a 40.4% market share in the e-commerce markets within the USA. The Amazon online company generates revenue accounting for more than 100 billion US dollars yearly. The company has succeeded in generating more traffic sources to attract potential customers, thus colossal revenue generation.

2. eBay 

This is the second top, in the top 10 e-commerce companies in the USA. This year, the company recorded 586.9 million US visits due to the traffic generated by its services.

Some of the services that led to this vast visits recording are bug hard, after ship, and Google market platform.


3. Walmart

It is the third top among the top 10 e-commerce companies in the USA. The company recorded about 396.2 million visits early this year. Recently, it recorded a huge number of visits amounting to 689.5 due to the 2 hours express delivery promotion that it launched.

4. Etsy

It is the fourth company on the list. Etsy’s e-commerce market deals with unique and eclectic items. Due to Corona’s challenges, the company recorded a flat rate of visits of about 250.9 million.

5. T-Mobile

It is ranked fifth in e-commerce in the USA. The company records about 233.9 million US visits. The company has experienced successful results due to Jivox, Level 3, and Apple Pay technological innovations being employed.

6. Halloween

It is the sixth on the list of top 10 e-commerce companies in the USA. The company records a monthly visit of 3.95 million. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the company experiences a decrease in its output production.

7. The Swiss colony

It is 7th on the list. The company was founded in 1926. The company is known for producing delicious gifts such as patties, toffee, sausages, and cheese. These products are mostly used during mega holidays.


8. Spore life Sciences

The company is known for producing herbal medicine. It is ranked eighth in the e-commerce group of companies in the USA. The company produces herbal medicine from mushroom products by using science mechanisms. These herbal medicines are used in the treatment of immune dysfunctions.

9. Balenciaga

This company is ranked ninth on the list of-commerce companies. It deals in boutique products and services. The company markets an online collection of sneakers, handbags, and ready men and women wear.

10. Embodied

It is the fastest-growing company among e-commerce companies. The company deals in promoting social, emotional development among children through robotic cartoon visualization. Its traffic increases each and every month by 556,900 visits.

E-commerce markets in the USA

The e-commerce markets in the USA are widely spread out through their geographical locations. The market also goes beyond the USA territory borders. Most e-commerce large-scale markets in the USA are top online store companies.

This is the largest online store market for e-commerce in the USA, with an accounting revenue of 112.5 billion US dollars.

This online store is the second market for e-commerce, with revenue accounting for 41.1 billion US dollars.

It comes in the third position with its revenue accounting for 18.7 billion US dollars. is the fast-growing e-commerce online store market, with its revenue accounting for 35.7 million US dollars.

7 Benefits of e-commerce in the USA

1, Faster purchasing process

The top 10 e-commerce companies in the USA have made the process of buying goods and services in the e-commerce market faster. The customers just browse through the e-commerce website platforms and select the products and services they intend to purchase, rather than physically going to retail markets. Also, the e-commerce means of payment is legit through online means


2. Store and product listing creation

A good profiled product listing is what attracts potential customers towards e-commerce markets. This profiling listing of products on e-commerce markets is easy and quicker since the only thing that sellers need are product codes. 

Sellers can also profile the images of their store products and services on the e-commerce platforms so that potential customers can have a total visual content of their market.

3. Cost reduction

Sellers are able to enjoy cost reduction investments through e-commerce. In e-commerce, there are no payment expenses such as rent and store workers.

Also, potential customers enjoy costly reduction expenses that they incur moving to retail markets to buy their goods and services. E-commerce has really reduced the expenses that may be incurred by both sellers and buyers.

4. Affordable marketing and advertising

The cost of promoting products and services in e-commerce is less expensive compared to other physical forms of marketing. The e-commerce sector has excellent profound systems of marketing and advertising products and services that are affordable. These systems are televisual channels that enhance large audience coverage. 


Also, the top 10 E-commerce companies in the USA have adopted Google Ads’ modern technique of marketing and advertising, where Google Ads are displayed on search engine results platforms in the form of advertisements.

5. Flexibility for customers

The e-commerce sellers are always flexible to their potential customers since their products and services are readily available anytime. Potential customers are able to gain complete trust from the sellers since they get convenient results from their services. Also, since the sellers provide reviewed details of their products and services, potential customers are fully exposed to more information concerning their offered services.

6. Several payment modes

E-commerce sellers allow several modes of payment by their potential customers. These payment modes are UPI, cash on delivery, card on delivery, EMIs on credit, and pay later credit. These modes of payment have made transactions faster since the majority of customers are internet users.

7. Faster response to customer demands.

Through e-commerce, sellers are able to respond to their customer’s demands faster and effectively since feedback is immediate and instant.


E-commerce has enhanced, easy accessibility to certain essential products and services that could not be accessed in the locality. Furthermore, there is a need for more customers to adapt to the systems of e-commerce to enhance global marketing corporations through digital marketing promotions.

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