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Top 21 Website for History in the World (Famous History Sites)

Top 21 Website for History

The website is fast replacing documents, archaeological sites, paintings, photographs, audios, artifacts, and oral history as historical sites. With the influx of the modern youth moving a considerate part of their lives to online platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linked In, and many more, websites are predominately becoming historical sites. 

This consistent movement can only mean that we should expect the web to constitute significant historical sites. Following the current trending system of storing important information online, the websites have become historical sources for modern-day historians. However, these online historic sites have been existing for almost 20 years, refurbishing students and teachers with cutting-edge history lessons. Therefore it is vital to draw attention to the excellent history websites by listing them under –

  21 Best Websites for Learning history

1. Children and Youth in History

This is a good website for history because it allows children and youth to study history from their own perspectives. It seeks to address the learning gap in history caused by the teaching disparities, which occurs as the result of teacher-learner differences in perceptions. The history Professors or teachers cannot bring themselves to teach history on the level of understanding for the students. Likewise, the students cannot grasp the historical information at the level of the professor. 

2. Teaching History 

These historical websites allow the student and the general public to learn and think the way professional historians do. It is an excellent historical website because it features a variety of study plans and detailed lesson plans to help students groom analytical skills in a funny way.

3. National Geography

The national geographic channel is a historical website many of us grew up watching. It broadcasts various historical events ranging from detailed early human lifestyles to the fall of cruel world rulers. Overall, this is an excellent historical website with plentiful articles that teach engaging stories about world history.


4. PBS Learning Media

From the cradle of humankind to the Romans Empire crumbling down from its glories- this historical website covers the causes and effects of historical events. It is a historic site that teaches the mystical multitude of world history events quickly and efficiently, according to UKTZ. 

5. YouTube 

Only the tech pauper does not have the YouTube app on their smartphone. And only the internet junkies will use this glorious app to stream music and watch comic videos. Nonetheless, the tech-savvy history fanatics know this app is a valuable historic site. This historical website covers world political history- from world presidential election campaigns to how the president elects to betray voters’ trust. Have you got a historical event you want to watch? Just type the keywords, select the quality version, and learn.


Children today learn better with edutainment intelligence, such as tech-savvy interactive activities, visual assistance, and educational games. These historical websites incorporate learning about the past with digital age trends.

7. History Lessons

This historical site features videos and audio clips of famous speeches and interviews spanning through back to the 19th and 20th centuries. These videos and audio clips teach about the historical significance of world events.

8. SHEG’S Historical Lesson

This is a historical website that covers lessons from the Stanford History Education Group about world history. It covers lessons about a variety of ancient historical events such as the Egyptian pyramids, the fall of the French monarch, and several European tsar states. 


9. United States Memorial Museum

This is the official historic site for the tragic events of the Holocaust. The USHMM historic website offers valuable historical resources of detailed information about Jews’ lives and anti-Semitism. 

10. The Digital History

This is a historical site that contains historical resources, such as reference resources, glossaries, audio archives, classrooms handouts, primary sources for slavery, and among other things. It is an excellent historical website that allows students and teachers to ask history questions to actual historians.

11. Spartacus History

The Spartacus History is another example of a website for history, which a growing educational company runs. It provides free internet materials for major syllabus in history programs. This website calls visitors to subscribe for a free monthly update covering website stories. 

12. Big History Project

It focuses on the critical questions and comprehensive themes about the emergence of life, civilization progress, and species advancement. The Big History Project offers an online history cause designed for use in the classroom for free.

13. TimeMaps

Lessons offered on this historical website focus on using maps to study the world’s cultures and how human civilizations have risen and fallen over the past centuries. The maps are glossed and connected to compendium records. More details about these records are available in the teacher section on the Time Maps website.


14. BBC: History

The BBC has two sections; the history section entails Ancient History, Discovery and Science, State and the Church, and other things. On the other hand, it has the multimedia Room section, which has a timeline, historical figures, history trails, and more.

15. Digital Public Library of America

This historical website offers millions of primary source hubs on a database that is easy to navigate. It is organized according to ‘source sets ‘under a particular theme, for example, the women during the American civil war. 

16. History channel

With key offerings like special exhibitions, discussions, oral archives, and study guides, this website is fast becoming a good website for history. It is a commercial website with amicable features for students and teachers.

17. History Teacher 

This website features European history, curriculums, research links, American history, and inter alia. This award-winning historic site boasts an impressive influence at New York secondary schools. It also features news links, quizzes, and online exercises. 

18. Teacher OZ’s History Page

Historical events about England, Russia, France, the renaissance, biographies, world history, American history, wars, and many more are covered in this historic site. This website specializes in providing updated humanities-related past stories.


19. History Net

The National Historic Society offers this website. It boasts significant features of archives, book reviews, historical magazine links, and image galleries. This is a historic site designed to cover extensively topics related to America and world history.

20. Education World

This one is divided into 20 sub-sections into famous people, ancient history, women, preservation, documents, and among other things. It is a commercial website that entails peculiar features and lesson plans. 


History students, teachers, fans, and fanatics alike all have a place in this historic site. This site has approximately 130 000 pages of content for history fanatics. At the same time, it boasts over 4,500 timeline occasions, 300 memories, and 800 battle summaries.


The top 21 websites for history are a combination of free and monthly subscription online historic sites for students and teachers alike. These historical websites have replaced documents, archaeological sites, paintings, photographs, audios, artifacts, and oral history as the primary sources of history. Modern-day students and teachers will use the web as the leading historical site ever since people are becoming tech-savvy.

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