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Investing with the top online real estate companies is the ambition of every large-scale investor. Due to technological advancement and the increase in the number of estate investors, online real estate companies have come to bridge between landlords and tenants.

Online Real Estate is the process of posting and publishing land and housing properties on the internet platforms to rent, lease, or re-selling to potential customers. These online companies have a comprehensive website portal that connects all the estate properties under their management.

Benefits of Real Estate Investment

Many investors who invest in real estate are guaranteed a steady flow of income in the form of rent incomes.

  • Long Term financial security

While investing in real estate, you have a steady flow of financial income through rental fees. This financial flow of income enhances long-term financial security.

  • Tax benefits

Investors who choose to invest their finance in real estate are exempted from paying certain taxes. This is because the income on rental assets is not included in tax on self-employment income.

  • Real estate appreciation

Land and buildings are assets that their values appreciate each and every time. Since real estate investment is a long-term plan, investors are fully guaranteed more capital value after appreciation.

4 stages of successful American Real Estate Market

Being a developed country in the world, America has a good market system for real estate. Furthermore, the real estate market has experienced different boom-bust seasons due to the market crisis. These boom-bust seasons affected the real estate market sectors of America in the following stages.

Stage 1:The bust

This was the first stage after America was experiencing a successful market system. The bust was a result of savings and loans borrowed from financial institutions.

This impact created inflation that wiped all the financial institutions that were offering financial assistance to the investors.


Stage 2: Manufacturing boom

Since savings and loan institutions had been wiped out during the inflation period, the few remaining institutions were struggling on empty accounts.The government of America came up with laws favoring lending towards real estate sectors. The laws favored the majority of people, enabling them to acquire new homes at fear prices.

Due to favorable government policies, America experienced a manufacturing boom in the real estate sector.

The top online real estate companies increased in number to manage the investor’s properties that were growing at an alarming rate.

Stage 3:The crisis

The manufacturing boom that was being witnessed due to favorable government support became a crisis as a result of inflation. Loan interest rates increased, leading to the mortgage crisis in the real estate industry. The American real estate market loses almost a half of its market value during that crisis.

Stage 4:Post-crisis market

This was the last stage that led to the healing crisis that affected the American real estate market. The slow healing crisis has currently turned into a steady rise in the real estate market as a result of low-interest rates being charged on mortgage loans.


Tips to be a Real estate professional

Being a real estate professional, you need to qualify for the following traits.

  • Building a solid network of connection

A successful real estate professional should have a more comprehensive, strong connection of contacts with clients and market location.

  • Understanding the local housing market

Top online real estate companies’ professions should pose a complete understanding of the locality’s housing markets and rent pricing techniques.

  • Attention to detail

Top online real estate companies’ professions should pose the character of being attentive to the needs of their potential clients and tenants.

  • Engaging personality

The top online real estate companies’ professions need to be presented personally to the needs of their clients and customers.

Top 5 online Real Estate Companies in the USA

1. Keller Williams Realty

This is the top online real estate company in the U.S.A. founded in 1983. The company manages more than one million units in America, accounting for millions of income revenue.

 2. RE/MAX

Also known as Real Estate Maximum, it is one of America’s top online real estate companies founded in 1973. The company has employed more than 125000 agents in the U.S.A. and was ranked the leading real estate by Franchise 500 in 2020.

3. Coldwell Banker Real Estate

The company was founded in1906 by Colbert Coldwell and Benjamin Banker. The company, having over a hundred years in the real estate market, has opened more than 3000 offices worldwide.

4. Century 21

This is another top Pioneer real estate company, founded in the year 1971 in California. Currently, the company has managed to employ over 11,600 brokers and 127000 employees.


5. Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

The company is owned by Warren Buffet. It is recognized worldwide since it is the most successful company in the field of the real estate market.


Real estate is the real worth investment to opt for in case of a long-term investment plan. This is because of ready available top online real estate companies, which have positively enhanced the easy collection of rental fees and general income on properties.

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