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Tracy Roenick Wiki – Read The Facts About The Wife Of Jeremy Roenick’s

Jeremy Roenick’s Wife

Jeremy Roenick is the hockey analyst who is known for its courting controversies due to the statement given by his owner. The NBC Sports suspended him in December 2019. The reason to suspend him is also its threesome comments.

The comments he made are with his wife, Tracy Roenik, and his colleague, Kathryn Tappen. The entire focus is on Tracy now, as in the case of Roenik now, he won’t be returning to NBC sports again.

Tracy has not said anything about the controversies made on her husband, Jeremy Roenick. Even she is found in supporting her husband, not directly, but in other ways.

Tracy Roenick wiki

About Tracy Roenick

KNOWN AS Tracy Vazza
AGE 49 Years
BIRTH March 9, 1970
SPOUSE Jeremy Roenick June 1992 – Present
CHILDREN Brandi Taylor Roenick, Brett Roenick
SIBLINGS Stephen Vazza, Janine Vazza, Cheryl Vazza, Richard Vazza
PARENTS Richard Vazza, Dorothy Vazza
ADDRESS Scottsdale, Arizona
COUNTRY United States
JOB Equestrian
OWNS Roenicklife, LLC
ALUMNI Northeastern University, Boston College, Thayer Academy
HOMETOWN Massachusetts

Tracy Roenik’s father was an entrepreneur

Tracy Vazza took birth on March 9, 1970. She is the daughter of Richard Vazza and Dorothy Vazza. She has 4 siblings; Richard, Janine, Cheryl, and Stephen. Richard Vazza is a top-notch real estate developer in Boston. 

The name of his company is Vazza Properties. Besides running the single company, they also developed other commercial properties, which are situated in Florida, Arizona, and Northeast.

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The company was running very smoothly at around $150 million. Also, they started another retail development project in Gilbert, Arizona.

In July 2007, Richard Vazza passed away. He died when he was 66 years old on a yacht in Falmouth Harbor. It is found that he died due to any natural cause.

In 2002, the mother of Tracy also found infected with lung cancer. When Tracy found her mother is infected with lung cancer, then she decided to stay with her mother.

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On the other hand, Jeremy stayed with his kids to look after them. In this critical situation, Jeremy did not play the Philadelphia Flyers. At the age of 60, Dorothy died due to her life-threatening disease.


When Jeremy Roenik was 13, at that time, he and his family shifted to Massachusetts. After reaching over there, he went to Thayer Academy.

In the Thayer Academy, Jeremy and Tracy met with each other, and here their love story started. In Thayer Academy, Jeremy and Tracy became friends and dated.

When Tracy got graduated, and Jeremy was playing for the Chicago Blackhawks, they got engaged. In Boston, they got married on 20th June 1992.  

On 8th October 1990, their daughter took birth named Brandi Roenick. July 5th, 1997; their son took birth named Brett Roenick, who plays hockey at the University of San Diego.

Jeremy Roenick passed comments on his NBC Sports colleagues, Kathryn Tappen, Patrick Sharp, and Ansan Carter, which made him get suspended from NBC Sports. This matter happened in December 2019.


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In an interview, Roenick said that he, his wife, and Tappen had vacationed together in Portugal. Even, one person asked from them for their trio, when they all were together.

Roenick got suspended from NBC Sports for a week after the interview. Later on, in January 2020, he found to apologize from NBC Sports in a video on Twitter. 

In February, Roenick again tweeted and said he would not return to NBC Sports. Even the NBC Sports also separated their ways with the former NHL Pro, who joined them in 2010. Tracy did not make any public comments. Even she re-tweeted by commenting with a heart-shaped emoji.

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