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Wade Cota Biography – Bio, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family

Wade Cota and his personal life, know each and every thing about him.

Wade Cota Biography

Know all about Wade Cota Biography: Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family and many more things.

Real Name Wade Cota
Born  26th of August, 1991
Hometown Phoenix, Arizona
Resident Phoenix, Arizona
Genre Guitarist, Rock, Hollywood
Achievement Winner of American Idol Season 17 in 2019

Wade Cota is a popular singer, songwriter, actor, and guitarist of America who came to fame after winning American Idol Season 17.

Wade Cota was born on the 26th day of August 1991 in  June 1998 in Phoenix, the capital city of Arizona (state of southwestern U.S).

he is raised by a single mother and for him, his mother is the idol person of his life. He has completed his secondary education from moon valley high school in phoenix.

After completing secondary education, he moved to Glendale, California to pursue a bachelor’s degree.


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Struggle Of Wade Cota’s Life

Cota never got any professional training such as vocal or guitar lessons, because he never had enough money to afford.

He started singing from a very young age when he got his first guitar while digging through a dumpster. And before working as a solo artist, he spent 10 years of his life performing heavy metal and eventually joined the sugar water band.

The band performed in bars and pubs, consisting of Noah Draughon, Juju Stone And Austin Moore, and Wade Cota.

His Achievements

In 2019 Wade Cota gave audition for The Voice. During the audition, he made to the judges but unfortunately, the slots were already filled up.


however, instead of being at despair, wade was soo happy and grateful to the incident ( unable to get the chance for audition), because of the arrival of Americal Idol in the same year. And the audition in American idol was proved to be a golden opportunity, as it boosts his career.

During Audition, he sang “blame it on me” and stunned the judges with his outstanding performance. He was there compared with the singer, johnny cash and praised by the Katy perry who claiming that wade had one of the most unique voice she had ever hear.

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About Wade Cota Father

Wade Cota and his two siblings raised alone by his mother Terri Cota. He has very close to his mother and exchanging a loving relationship with his siblings. But about his father, he has the only word to describe him is “Devil”.

He has shared a heartbreaking story of his and his abusive father and stating that My real biological father was the devil. Wade said that ” my dad was very abusive and always beat his siblings and mother.


They never spend a peaceful life until they were with their father. His mom wasted to escape from there but never got the chance to run away, as Wade’s father already knows that they wanted to get rid of him.

But one day his father kicking him in the ribs across the floor and this incident eventually allows them to run away.

His mother throwing a random excuse about medical checkups and alone with three kids she runs away. However, after getting away from his father, they spend poorly financial life. 

Wade Cota relationship

Girls, Affairs and More
Marital Status Single
Girlfriends Jasmine mary jane

Cota is in a relationship with longtime girlfriend Jasmine. And it was started from his school Moon Valley High School, where both met for the first time and have been together ever since.

Physical Stats and Appearance

Height(Approx) 6 Feet 2 Inches
Weight(Approx) 110 Kg
Build Obese
Hair Color Black

Wade Cota is very active on their social media accounts he has more than a thousand fans on the social network. he has varied social accounts. you can follow him by clicking links below.

Social Presence
Wiki Not Available

Some Lesser Known Facts About Wade Cota

  1. Wade Cota had a traumatic childhood because of his father. According to him, his father was the evilest person in his life. His father never let them live a happy life.
  2. Cota became the lead singer (Frontman) for the Band ‘Sugar Water’.
  3. It was not his first time when Cota attempting audition for the singing platform. 9 years ago he was rejected by Idol.
  4. It was his school where he met with his girlfriend Jasmine and they began dating each other from high school.
  5. Cota Is Also a Comedian and Actor and been in 2 short films.
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