Musk has tried to pull out of the $44 billion agreement by saying Twitter misled him on the number of false accounts, or bots

Musk sent a letter in July claiming that the company’s inability to prove how many bots and spam accounts were on its service was a reason to back out of the deal.

According to Twitter’s response, his attempt to pull out of the agreement is “invalid and unjust”.

According to a court document filed on Monday, Mr. Musk has asked former Twitter security chief

and whistleblower Peiter Zatko for information mostly regarding how the microblogging network measures spam accounts.

Famous hacker "Mudge" Mr. Zatko said in his lawsuit, which was made public last week

that the corporation misrepresented its security measures and gave user growth priority above eliminating spam.

According to the letter released on Tuesday, the additional information supports his argument that Twitter is in "material noncompliance" with its obligations

related to data privacy and consumer protection legislation and that the firm is exposed to hostile actors and data centre outages.