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Who Is Alexander ‘AJ’ Jennings As Outer Banks Stand-In Dies In Highway Accident?

Who Is Alexander ‘AJ’ Jennings As Outer Banks Stand-In Dies In Highway Accident?

A man aged 22 known as Alexander “AJ” Jennings who performed Chase Stokes’ physique double on the Outer Banks, handed away in a crash on July 5, 2012 according to The Sun.

The information about his death has been a shock to Netflix and the actors of the present the show, and a lot of people have taken to social networks to pay tribute to him.

Chase who is the leader of the show, posted an emotional message on Instagram in honor of AJ’s passing after learning of his death.

Who was Alexander ‘AJ’ Jennings?

AJ was only 22 years old at the time of his passing away. He was born in Upstate New York, evaluations The Sun.

He was an extra for Chase’s role for the film Outer Banks. But, he wasn’t on the set or even on the photography on the scene when the tragedy occurred.


It appears that AJ closed in Charleston, South Carolina, while they were filming Season 3 of the hit Netflix show.

It’s not clear what’s discussed about his private life, as he doesn’t appear to have used social media.

The mother of the boy confirmed his passing to Kimmie Stewart Casting.The content material material couldn’t be loaded.

Who Is Alexander ‘AJ’ Jennings As Outer Banks Stand-In Dies In Highway Accident?

Outer Banks stand-in killed in an accident on the highway

In the video posted by the casting company it was discovered that AJ was hit by two vehicles which “fled the scene.”

According to Deadline the victim was involved in the incident between 2:30 and 3:00 am on the 5th of July as he walked on Sol Legare Road on James Island.

Stewart Casting further notes that the actor moved to New York to Charleston “to work as our John B photo double/stand in this season.”


“AJ was a beautiful, kind soul & a bright light every day on set,” the company further stated of their claim.

Chase Stokes pays him tribute

Chase cannot return to the same place about AJ’s sudden passing. In his latest Instagram post Chase shared different phrases regarding his body and his double.

“Still trying to understand the reasons why certain things happen and how the world operates in the way it does. My heart is broken. Your life just started. We’ve just discussed how enthusiastic you were over your tunes and the progress you’d made from that old six string, and your desire to create art for the rest of your life,” Chase wrote on Instagram.

“Always always making people’s hearts feel warm and being so selfless. I would love to have more words at this moment however, the last day has been difficult to be honest. All of us loved and adored you. You have touched our lives in every way and made us better people. For this, we say Thank You AJ. Fly high and high.”

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