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Who is Corinthia Edwards? The woman in Pastor Wilson!

Who is Corinthia Edwards

Corinthia Edwards is trending in social medis and known as the woman in Pastor David Wilson’s eating the box video. Pastor Wilson is one of the senior pastors of Bibleway Ministries and, this was world outreach Inc. on 16th October 2019, the video was released and, the video shows performing a s$x act on a woman.

Pastor Wilson Video Eating the Box:

#1 trending topic on social media platforms was the video of pastor E. Wilson appears to show the pastor providing oral services. The woman leaked online the video is so graphic and it was not providing a link to search. He has been considered as the man of God and said before that anyone can condemn him for having the last supper. The beautiful black woman would be able to do the things he is done for the community. At the end of the video, he has used the F words on the people who have to criticize him for the last supper he had. 

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The motive of Corinthia Edwards:

Corinthia Edwards is not cleared to uncover her Minister. Many hypotheses have popped on the web-based networking media. With regard to the thought process of discharging the video, it looks very convincing and it is part of the video. By various clients as sisters Corinthia has been alluded to and made to assemble the Bibleway Minister. 

Pastor David Wilson (R) Corinthia Edwards (M) and his wife

Pastor Wilson. E David:

Pastor David is the senior pastor in Bibleway Minister and also attends Southwest Bible College and seminars. He also operates a consulting business in Texarkana and was the leader of the black chamber of commerce in Texarkana. He has spoken about the role in an interview with Plainview Daily Herald. He has said that he is just happy to be in the new place by doing bigger and better things.

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Social media reactions:

On Pastor Wilson’s Video Eating the Box social media has gone bust out with thousands of funny jokes, memes, and arguments after hearing his statement. On Twitter there were running has like such as #pastor Wilson challenge and #pastor Wilson. There were around ten thousand people who commented on the video. The comments were like “married pastor was eating the box of another woman” video of the pastor eating the box. This incident was going totally against his preaching, and most of them called him the Hypocrite. 

Corinthia Edwards Facebook:

However, Corinthia Edward had deleted her social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Some fake accounts have popped up with similar names. There were also some screenshots of the Facebook profile that have been taken before she deleted her account. Pastor Wilson is a married man and lives with a family. A Facebook user posted a photo showing Corinthia Edward, pastor, and his wife. 

Final thoughts:

Finally, the social media platform took the action and removed the video from most of the user’s accounts. But the thing is that it is still available for the links. Pastor Wilson was well aware that it is being recorded as he raised his head and looked towards the camera. 

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