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Who Is Kayla Cardona? Is She Filipino? A Look At The Family History Of The Selling The OC Cast

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Kayla Cardona: Who Is She? Is She Filipino? A Look At The Family History of The Selling The OC Cast

Kalya Cardon, a precise realtor from the Philippines who is 33 years old she just made an appearance in the very first show of the spinoff variety Selling The OC that debuted on Netflix on the 24th of August 2022. There’s no doubt that the real estate Agent has earned herself a net worth |dollars|in ollars}.

Additionally, because her fame is growing because of the recently aired series viewers are keen on knowing more about her family, along with her father and her mother and other relatives and her fortune.

Kayla Cardona is a broadly acknowledged property agent who is precise, in line with her Wiki website. On the 24th of August 2022, the film of James Oppenheim “Selling the OC” was available to viewers on Netflix and that’s the event that brought Kayla to the media’s attention. Kayla Cardona was not the person who worked together with Alexandra Rose, Brandi Marshall along with Polly Brindle on this presentation.

Is Kalya Cardona Filipino?

In June 2021 Kalya Cardona who was a regular on the TV show present Selling the OC was able to transform into a real estate agent with Oppenheim Group. Oppenheim Group. Kalya was born on the 20th day of the month of December in 1988, meaning that she’s likely to turn 33 in the year 2022. Her birthday is celebrated in December and celebrates it with a party.


Kayla is a member of the current Selling the OC actress, is an American citizen. United States. The actress is of mixed heritage and is of Filipino as well as American descent. The family of the property agent is from the Philippines and certainly is a part of this tradition. Furthermore she is a non-denominational Christian and is a strong top.

Kayla started her work with the Oppenheim Group inside the month of June 2021. Since then, Kayla Cardona has been helping her clients in searching for the house of their dreams. According to reports, the real estate agent was focused on the role as a buyer’s agent but they’ve just began to shift their focus to demonstrating the function of an agent for selling.

The young mother is a active participant in the National Association of Realtors and is a marketer consultant for sales. In the very first episode of the Netflix show, she discusses her love of going to bars.

Selling The OC Cast, Including Their Families And Husbands

On the 20th of December in 1988 Kayla Cardona was born to her parents in Orange County, California. Her family has been raised in California. The names of each of her father and mother have not been revealed to many people by the group on “Selling the Ocean.” Furthermore her social media pages do not contain any photos of her husband or children.

Although Kayla isn’t able to express it much about the present, Jordan, who’s 15 years old is her only teen. Jordan’s mom is the sole one. On the 25th of December, 2006 she was able bring a son into the world. They appear very close, as she shares some ideas on Instagram about her son. In light of the fact that Kayla is responsible for providing each of herself and their sons, it’s amazing that she’s eager to increase her effectiveness within her company O Group and begin making sales in the upper quartiles.


Kayla Cardona does not in the past have a significant, completely other romantic relationship in the course of her existence. She was divorced for a few years and continues to live in a house with her ex-husband. She hasn’t discussed her former spouse in front of anyone else or disclosed his name, but.

To support their family members, they would be a bartender during weekends. She has a full day’s shift at her job that is typically twelve hours long. Her official Instagram profile, the gorgeous agent never does not miss the chance to upload the latest photo of her with her son who is just a few years old. On the account @mskaylacardona she has 25 thousand, seven hundred and eight people that follow her on Instagram.

Kayla is as a new precise property agent at present she currently in need of help in all this and also locating an expert photographer for the itemizing of promoting and marketing offers. While she acknowledges that prior to joining the O Group in the O Group in Orange County, Netflix was inside the top one percent of real estate agents on Zillow. Netflix reveals to Bustle her experience with her Laguna Beach itemizing that she worked on for a long time as a result of this process eventually was deemed unproductive and was taken off the site. However she remains “all focused on” her business and does not perform the role of a bartender on the internet like she confessed that she was during the initial season.

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What Is Her Net Worth?

Selling The exact property ensures the possibility that Kayla Cardona of “The OC” closes usher in cash for her. It is possible that she’s made close to |in the past|()}. But the price of her latest residences tends to be spherical 4 million dollars|()|}. Her property brokerage was the main source of of her income.

The initial season “Selling the OC” revealed that the proportion of charge for the top luxury homes in Orange County that had been offered by employees from Oppenheim Group Oppenheim Group was 3% of the market value. A portion of this is distributed between the firm that is searching for and the marketing company and their respective specific brokers. In a other way, Kayla is paid spherical 0.75 percent of the sales worth of each property she manages.

It’s difficult not to be amazed by Kayla’s remarkable earnings given that she almost surely shuts down the annual supply. In addition, the average wage for bartenders in Orange County is between $25,000 to $30,000. We believe that Kayla’s net worth is somewhere in one million |dollars}. The figure was derived by subtracting her extra earnings from her previous bikini contests and any taxes she might have to pay.


Wiki bio, biography, age and adolescence information for Kayla Cardona

1989 was the year during which Kayla Cardona was born and was born in California. California that is situated within the United States. Kayla Cardona is very well-known in her field as a professional property agent. Learn more about this textual material to find out more about her educational background, as well as her college, her path of living, her career she picked, and much more.

Information Regarding Kayla Cardona’s Education, Lifestyle, and Profession

She is popular in her area as an expert property agent. She went to a private school for her primary and secondary education, and the Private College for her undergraduate certificate. Social media accounts on her have a huge number of thousands of followers, and an enthralling fan base across all her social media platforms. Keep reading this textual information in case you’re interested in learning more about Kayla Cardona’s Wiki, her mother and dad as well as her siblings, and a myriad of other details.

Kayla Cardona’s Children, Her Husband or Boyfriend, Her Relationship, and Her Affair

Based on the information available, Kayla Cardona is no not married as of now. It isn’t known the name of her husband. Jordan is her only teenager, and her name is a perfect fit for him. We provide every current and up-to-date detail to you. Keep studying this textual information should you be interested in the story of his love and you’ll learn all the details.

Kayla Cardona’s Parents (Mother and Father), Her Brothers and Sisters

There’s no information available on her father’s or mother’s ID. It’s not possible to find all the details of her children. Keep reading this textual information to find out more details about Kayla Cardona’s girlfriend, husband, affair and love story, children and much more. It is likely that you will learn everything you need to know about her.

Kayla Cardona Career, Achievements

1989 was the year during which Kayla Cardona was born and was born in California. California which is situated in the United States. Kayla Cardona is famous in her area as a precise agent for property. Kayla is a part of the Oppenheim Group and is anxious in the selling of high-end homes that are precisely located. This is because the Executive Club Award, which is awarded only to the highest percent of brokers who sell products is awarded to Kayla for her. Keep in contact with us should you require more information regarding Kayla Cardona’s net worth, earnings and ethnicity, as well with many other information about her, since of this , we have every conceivable factor to know about her.

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