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Who is Nemanja Maksimovic Girlfriend? Biography, Net Worth, Real Name


Nemanja Maksimovic’s girlfriend 2022 who is Nemanja Maksimovic’s girlfriend? does Nemanja Maksimovic actually have a girlfriend? are the most pressing questions of the moment and we’ve given the information about Nemanja Maksimovic’s Girlfriend in 2022. The following sections will inform you of all the information regarding Nemanja Maksimovic’s girlfriend 2022.

Who is Nemanja Maksimovic’s Girlfriend?

In 2022 Kristina Milic has been identified as Nemanja Maksimovic’s girlfriend (according according to Woodgram). Kristina Milic was previously was known to be Nemanja Maksimovic’s girlfriend. Learn the more details about Nemanja Maksimovic in the next sections.

Nemanja Maksimovic Biography

Nemanja Maksimovic is the Serbian professional footballer’s biography is being sought by football fans. Here is the Nemanja Maksimovic’s biography as well as numerous other details.Nemanja Maksimovic’s birth date was January 26, 1995. Nemanja Maksimovic is gaining more recognition, and there are many who look for Nemanja Maksimovic’s biographical details. Yes, check out Nemanja Maksimovic’s biography below.

The first thing to discuss is Nemanja Maksimovic’s age. As per woodgram Nemanja Maksimovic is 27 years old. aged. As per woodgram, Nemanja Maksimovic stands 182 cm tall. Take a look at the entire Nemanja Maksimovic bio in the table below.

NameNemanja Maksimovic
Date of Birth26 January 1995
Age27 years old
BirthplaceBanja Koviljaca, Serbia
Height182 cm
Weight76 kg

Nemanja Maksimovic Real Name

Many people don’t have any idea of Nemanja Maksimovic’s true name, so make sure to check out this section to learn the Nemanja Maksimovic’s real name. The truth is, Nemanja Maksimovic doesnt have another name.


Nemanja Maksimovic Age

Nemanja Maksimovic, born the 26th of January 1995. According to the Nemanja Maksimovic Biography table Nemanja Maksimovic is 27 years old. young. Nemanja Maksimovic was born in Banja Koviljaca, Serbia.

Nemanja Maksimovic Height and Weight

For those who aren’t sure the height of Nemanja Maksimovic can look up this information. According to Woodgram Nemanja Maksimovic’s height, she is 182cm tall and weighs 76 kilograms.

Nemanja Maksimovic Net Worth

Nemanja Maksimovic has been well-known and has been so popular and. If you’re among those who are looking for information on Nemanja Maksimovic’s Net Worth this is the info. According to her official, Nemanja Maksimovic’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. 2.5 Million.

Nemanja Maksimovic Girlfriend

Are that Serbian professional soccer player Nemanja Maksimovic married ? Or who could be Nemanja Maksimovic’s partner? Fans of the player are interested in knowing more about his private life. According to woodgram, Nemanja Maksimovic’s wife was Kristina Milic.

Nemanja Maksimovic Girlfriend – FAQs

Does Nemanja Maksimovic have a Girlfriend?

There is a possibility that Nemanja Maksimovic has one of her girlfriends, whose name is Kristina Milic.


Which do you think is Nemanja Maksimovic’s birthday?

Nemanja Maksimovic’s age range is between 27 years old.

What is the height of Nemanja Maksimovic?

Nemanja Maksimovic’s height is around 182 centimeters.

How much is Nemanja Maksimovic’s net worth?

Nemanja Maksimovic’s net worth is believed to be in the region of $ 2.5 Million.

Which is Nemanja Maksimovic’s birth date?

Nemanja Maksimovic, born January 26, 1995.

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