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Who Was YouTuber Dana Alotaibi? Using A Knife, Bryant Tejeda-Castillo Killed His Pregnant Spouse

Who Was YouTuber Dana Alotaibi? Using A Knife, Bryant Tejeda-Castillo Killed His Pregnant Spouse

Who Was YouTuber Dana Alotaibi? Using A Knife, Bryant Tejeda-Castillo Killed His Pregnant Spouse:

Bryant Tejeda Castillo murdered Dana Alotaibi, a YouTuber who was well-liked.

After being repeatedly stabbed by her husband, the 27-year-old social media star died while three months pregnant.

Dana Alotaibi was a YouTuber who was fatally stabbed to death by her husband.

Bryant Tejeda Castillo, Dana Alotaibi’s husband, murdered her in Honolulu.

According to police inquiries, Alotaibi was 13 weeks along with her pregnancy. Tejeda Castillo brutally attacked her as she stood at the side of a busy road.


Witnesses claim that the victim sustained numerous knife injuries. Bryant was stopped by witnesses, but they couldn’t stop Bryant from causing injuries to his hands. Bryant died at the hospital around 8:31 p.m.

Bryant killed Alotaibi and then hid in some close by bushes. Although he tried to flee, he was captured by the police. research has shown that the murderer’s accomplice was charged with second-degree killing. His bail has been set at $1 million

Dana Alotaibi was subject to physical abuse.

Alotaibi claimed that Tejeda Castillo regularly bodily abused and harassed her via social media. She claimed Bryant had threatened her repeatedly in a YouTube video that she uploaded in January 2022.

She also revealed that Bryant had previously dragged her into the house from the driveway and that she had been repeatedly abused in front of her friends. She also shared a similar story about how Bryant repeatedly slapped her and throbbed, even knocking out her.


She stated, “Nothing is the least bit.” It doesn’t matter if witnesses were present or if another person called the police to report what happened. There has been no movement.

Dana Alotaibi: Who is she? Wikipedia for her

Dana Alotaibi is a well-known model and musician. She was born in Virginia and was married to Marine Bryant Tejeda–Castillo.

Alotaibi became well-known online because of one of her popular music motion pictures. As an Only Fans model, she has a huge fan base.

Alotaibi was born in the United States on May 28, 1995. Alotaibi is a model, who was born in Saudi Arabia but raised in the United States. The combined total of her 159 Instagram posts has reached nearly 10.3 million likes. In addition, she was able to obtain a $20 monthly subscription and an additional $108 for six months.

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