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What Are the 10 Most Popular Websites in the World

world'smost popular websites

Anyone who spends any time online would be aware of the top websites based on the number of visits each one of them receives. They are global giants and are visited by everyone who is online. The top three, Google, Youtube, and Facebook get 152billion visits a month. 

That number is higher than the next seven websites together. As recently as Nov 2020, Google had 92.5 billion visits, Youtube had 34.6 billion and Facebook had 25.5 billion visits. However, since 2020, the global scenario has changed due to the pandemic. The pandemic has ensured that consumption patterns change and there is humongous growth in the visits to the top 10 most popular websites in the world.

The way people gather information, interact and communicate, work, learn, and the shop has changed as they are mostly restricted to their homes. For eg. Going down to your favorite restaurant for a bite of that yummy dish meant reaching there straight from work, order and enjoying the meal. However, now having the same meal involves going to google to figure out where that dish is available near your residence, choose the best option and maybe upload a photo on Facebook of you enjoying the meal.

10 Most Popular Websites in the World

The top 10 global websites are led by google servicing as many as two trillion search queries annually through its network. The top 10 most popular websites are as below –

  1. Google – 90.89billion – Search Engine
  2. Youtube – 34.6billion – Movies and streaming
  3. Facebook – 22.4billion – Social Network and online communities
  4. Twitter – 6.75billion – Social Network and online communities
  5. Instagram – 6.21billion – Social Network and online communities
  6. Wikipedia – 5.87billion – Dictionary and Encyclopedias
  7. – 5.75billion – Search Engine
  8. Yandex – 3.68billion – Search Engine
  9. Yahoo – 3.63billion – News and Media and are ranked second and third in the world based on their engagement. has a visit duration of 21 minutes and the average number of pages per visit stands at 11.22 and the bounce rate is 21.05%. Following the same trend, Facebook’s average visit duration is 10minutes and the average number of pages per visit is 8.46 with a bounce rate of 32.68%. is one of the largest social networking microblogging sites. Visitors remain on the site for 10 minutes and 30.97% of those visits bounce after visiting just one page. Number five on the list is Instagram which has revolutionized people’s idea of sharing photographs. fAs such the big 5 are the most dominant of the top 10 most popular websites in the world.


Top 10 most popular websites by country

The US seems to be a global leader in the top 10 most popular websites in the world. While the reach of the US seems to be very concentrated, just a handful of companies own these websites at a global level. Microsoft for example owns 7 of the top sites in the world including Linkedin and Amazon, on the other hand, owns 5 including along with Amazon-focused domains in Japan, the UK, and Germany. 

China owns 4 of the top websites in the top 50 with featuring in the top 10. QQ., Bilibili, and Aliexpress also feature in the top 50 websites in the world. The top news site in China, also provides a messaging service. 90.89billion – US 34.6billion – US 22.4billion – US

Advertisement 6.75billion – US

Instagram 6.21billion – US 5.87billion – US 5.75billion – China 3.68billion – Russia

Advertisement 3.63billion – US 3.33billion – US

As you can see from the above, the US owns 8 of the top 10 most popular websites in the world.

Way Forward for the Giants

While global trends are dominated by giants, what can we see for the patterns emerging during and post the pandemic? According to a survey, Google’s monthly visitors increased by almost 53% Between June 2019 and November 2020. The rate of growth is extraordinary considering it was behind only Instagram, 89%, and Twitter,67%. 90.89billion – 52.9%

Advertisement 34.6billion – 42.3% 22.4billion – 28.2% 6.75billion – 67.1%

Instagram 6.21billion – 89.1%

Wikipedia 6.1billion – 30.3%


Wikipedia, a nonprofit website that originated in 2001 realized over 30% growth.


Global factors like the pandemic have made online presence much stronger for all individuals. As such, the consumption patterns, read and visits to the websites have increased phenomenally. Considering the pandemic where movement outside one’s residence is restricted, search engines like and will see unprecedented growth. 

Additionally, geo-political factors like country-based information sharing would receive required attention ensuring China and Russia-based websites also see tremendous growth. Social Media presence would only increase as movement outside becomes restricted due to the pandemic. More and more people will visit social media sites to interact and share with others. The number of visits and time spent on these websites results to be humongous growth as social media giants.

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